How to get to Los Pedroches

In this section we tell you how to get to Los Pedroches and enjoy the journey, whether driving, looking out the bus or train window, or tuning your bike while you pedal to the route.

Cómo llegar a Los Pedroches


From the south, Los Pedroches is a 50-minute drive from the provincial capital, Córdoba. To get there, take the N-432 road towards Badajoz, then turn off onto the N-502 towards Almadén, until you find the crossroads that will take you to Pozoblanco via the A-435 road.

From the north, the best option is to take the A-4 to Puerto Lápice, then the A-41 to Puertollano, and the N-420 to Azuel/Cardeña, a town that is already a WayPoint for the three Al-Ballut routes. We remind you that although the routes start in Pozoblanco, being circular, you can start in any of the towns.


Autocares San Sebastián is the company that manages bus trips around the region. There are daily buses between Córdoba and Pozoblanco. Six schedules on weekdays, two schedules on Saturdays and 3 on Sundays. You can check the time table by clicking here.

Autocares San Sebastián also offers routes between some towns in Los Pedroches, as well as connections with the AVE Villanueva de Córdoba/Los Pedroches train station. You can check the available routes by clickin here.

 To find out about the options available to place your bicycle on the bus, you can contact them by phone at 957 42 90 30 or write an email to

Cómo llegar a Los Pedroches
Cómo llegar a Los Pedroches


Los Pedroches has an High Speed train (AVE) station (Villanueva de Córdoba – Los Pedroches) on the line that connects Madrid with Córdoba/Seville. Getting the train to stop at this station has been a very important claim of all the residents of the region, who today continue to defend it against the shortage of schedules and the difficulties that this entails to enhance the usability of the train. The platform that fights for this right is called Que Pare el Tren en Los Pedroches. You can find out more about her on its facebook page.

Arriving by High Speed train to the Al-Ballut routes means that you can get off the train in the middle of the Al-Ballut route, an incredible advantage that makes it even easier for travelers coming from further afield. At the same time, this option is proof and demonstration of sustainability. The train + bicycle combination resolves journeys with a very low carbon footprint, which is why we believe that promoting it in the tourism and sports field is also a commitment to the future.

Unfortunately, the train in Spain still does not understand bicycles very well when it comes to placing them in the wagons, as there are very limited spaces to leave bicycles and there are many restrictions when traveling with them: You practically have to disassemble it and pack it for get on the train. It is a request from all cyclists in Spain and the world that access be facilitated.


And after this little plea, which we hope you understand, we leave you the Renfe website to check the timetables, as well as the rules for traveling with your bike on a Renfe train.

How to get to Los Pedroches


“…You’re crazy about bicycles“.

“De perdidos al río… ” that means, “In for a penny, in for a pound” Los Pedroches has stages within the Camino Mozárabe de Santiago that joins Andalusia with the Vía de la Plata. From Almería/Granada and from Málaga, this route appears in Los Pedroches in the town of Alcaracejos, after climbing a significant slope from Córdoba through Cerro Muriano, and crossing the mountains through Villaharta in one of the longest stages for the pilgrims. Other towns such as Villanueva del Duque, Fuente la Lancha and Hinojosa del Duque are also a stage of the Mozarabic Way and the Al-Ballut routes at the same time. If you want to know more about the Camino Mozárabe de Santiago you can consult all the stages by clicking here.
You can also check how to get to Los Pedroches by road, gravel or MTB bike through Komoot, which is capable of designing a route adapted to your physical condition and the kilometers you want to cover each day, to reach any destination, no matter how remote, riding your bike.