Other Routes

Bikepacking is growing a lot in recent times, especially after the pandemic. The need to escape, the search for sensations and adventures, and the desire to explore and travel are surely behind this boom.
It is a real pleasure for us to see, appreciate and applaud those who contribute to the world of cycle tourism by designing and working on new routes. Here below we leave you some routes that have inspired us and with whom we share a cycling philosophy.

MONTAÑAS VACÍAS: Bikepacking Spanish Lapland

Probably one of the pioneer routes in Spain. It covers territories belonging to 10 provinces: Teruel, Guadalajara, Cuenca, Soria, Zaragoza, Burgos, La Rioja, Segovia, Castellón and Valencia and which represent 13% of the total extension of Spain.

The Montañas Vacías project is a real gem, both for the study and dedication that its creator (Ernesto Pastor) has put on the table to draw attention to the depopulation of his land, and for the source of inspiration in which it has been converted his work to other territories and to the cycling community.

We are also lucky to have received a visit from Ernesto pedaling on the Al-Ballut Gravel route. He recounted his experience on the Montañas Vacías blog, with beautiful illustrations and photographs, and you can read it by clicking here.

EL KILÓMETRO CERO: 4 radious in the Iberian Peninsule

The route that prompted us to create Al-Ballut. Miguel Silvestre, founder of the Retrocycle club, has created this project, whose ultimate goal is to spread the old school cycling, that of bike trips, that of leaving without an arrival time, stopping when you are hungry, and sleeping when you are sleepy. As the first cyclists who faced the first editions of the Tour did, and when many roads were gravel tracks, simply because there was no asphalt in the mountains.

The Km0 project consists of four routes that cross the Iberian Peninsula from coast to coast connected by the KMO of radial roads. Just over 3 thousand kilometers of open tracks to enjoy 365 days a year with your gravel bike, mtb and e-bike.

Four linear routes, open all year round, connecting four cardinal points: Finisterre, Cap de Creus, Hondarribia and Tarifa.

In addition, we have been lucky enough to participate in one of the opening trips of the route that the club organizes annually, traveling from Madrid to Finisterre in less than 100 hours.



An Off-road Bikepacking route loaded with mountains, rivers, ravines, swamps, peaks, towns, hermitages, castles and great views of the Sierra del Montsec.

The Montsecloop project offers three routes: One for MTB, another for Gravel and one for asphalt.

The objective of this route is to cross the Sierra del Montsec and other nearby ones on a bike in Bikepacking Off-road format. It has been sought at all times that the route is as technical as possible and avoiding stepping on the minimum asphalt.

On their website you will find additional information, and a very well developed guide to face each route.



Surya is a bike shop and workshop specialized in bikepacking, adventure and cycle tourism. Additionally, Surya is also a premier yoga studio. 

Isra and Cris run this store in the bikepacking capital of Spain: Teruel. But their knowledge and ability to communicate transcend the local, and every day they teach and explain many tricks related to bicycles through their instagram profile.

We are lucky to have met them when we went to explore Montañas Vacías, and we have also been able to count on their products to raffle among the participants of our Bike Camp. It is a true luxury to have them as friends.